SaferTaxi Raises $1m USD in Venture Funding

Graduates of the Harvard Business School, the founders of SaferTaxi are well on their way to becoming Start-Up Chile’s first billion dollar company and, with business operating in Chile, Brazil, and Argentina, they’re one of the program’s most developed startups. [...]

The innovative spirit of the startup and and its founders caught the attention of a handful of investors including Tim Draper, who is famous for funding successful startups such as Hotmail, Skype, Baidu, Tesla, and over 600 other companies. Draper’s capital was then complimented the pair of Hernan Kazah y Nicolas Szekazy– cofounders of Mercadolibre and Mercadopago, who left their positions in the company to start their own venture capital firm, Kaszek Ventures, of which SaferTaxi is among the first to receive funding. Together, the firms provided the startup with $1m in funding to expand operations. [...]

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